Considerable expenses are involved whenever a boiler is taken out of operation for cleaning purposes.  Moreover, prior to the cleaning, the efficiency of the boiler has gradually decreased concurrently with the fouling of the heating surfaces. Based on experiences from installations that have been provided with the DANBLAST automatic soot-cleaning equipment, Danstoker is able to document that this investment has a total pay-back time of only 6 months! The PLC type S750 has been developed to allow individual adjustment of blast intervals and pausing times, depending on the design of the boiler concerned and the fuel used.

  • Easy installation

  • The doors open easily, no piping obstructing opening

  • Opening time of the blast valves of only 50 milliseconds 

  • Extremely low air consumption

  • 40% greater shock wave effect than in other systems

  • Shock wave diffusion increased by 160%

  • Sectionized cleaning of each tube pass