Reasons why you should choose Danstoker

With more than 80 years’ experience, Danstoker’s employees have accumulated extensive expertise within development, design and construction of boilers according to the applicable, frequently changing standards and regulations.

This is reflected in the company’s many internationally renowned reference plants.

The specific needs of our clients are a constant priority of ours, which Danstoker is happy to accommodate, whether the job is one of minor adjustments of our standard boilers or of major design changes necessitated by the choice of fuel or the building layout.

Our wide product range covers most applications – for hot water, high temperature hot water or steam – with shell and tube or water tube boilers.

  • Oil/gas
  • Biomass fired boilers
  • Recovery of waste heat (e.g. WHRB or cogeneration)
  • Electric boilers
  • Absorption heat pumps
  • All complemented by a wide range of ancillary equipment on demand.

Danish design and professional pride are your guarantee for a high quality level every step of the way from quote, sales, technical design and construction, to production and project management. Furthermore, Danstoker is certified according to ISO9001 and ISO3834.

Danstoker can supply boilers according to most applicable standards, e.g. EN, ASME, ISI, and GOST.

  • Delivery times

Our satisfied customers appreciate Danstoker’s ability to make fast decisions and on-time deliveries.

Emergency response services are also within the realm of the possible.

Danstoker has its own after-sales service division accessible on a 24/7 basis. We repair all types of boiler-related equipment and perform periodic inspections on all pressurized equipment. We also handle service on Thermax absorption heat pumps.